Detox Water

Project Overview

Detox Water is a new beverage startup that I have been a part of shortly since its inception. The idea is for Detox Water to bring all the natural health properties of aloe vera in an great tasting beverage.

I was brought into the team to help set up the web presence and commerce store for Detox Water. We’ve been working on the product since 2014, and will releasing new flavors in 2015. The website is live at http://www.detoxwater.com , and the store is live at https://store.detoxwater.com.

My main focus for the project has been the ecommerce store itself. To speed up development time, I had to use an out of the box solution (Spree), and extend upon the functionality. Using Spree allowed for a quick startup time, and allowed me to focus on the user experience when ordering Detox Water, but still work within the confines of the Spree platform.

Coding in the browser provided me a quick feedback loop with our visual designer. He could see changes I made real time via css and reduced the back and forth typical of these kind of projects.