Project Overview

In a city full of transplants, sometimes a home cooked meal is what city goers are looking for. There are also many hobbyist chefs that want to cook, but preparing food for only oneself is not as efficient as cooking for many.

Grazer will create a local marketplace where users will be able to find and share their food with others. A customer will be able to search for dishes available close by, make orders, and pay. Chefs will be able to list their dishes, and take payments for their orders.

My primary roles in this project were user experience and wireframing. This project occurred during startup weekend 2013, and lasted ~48 hours.

With the shortened timeframe of a hackathon, I had to decide on what user flows would make the most sense to show for our demo. After deliberating with the team, we decided that a consumer order would be the best example of a typical user.

To get to high fidelity wireframes as quickly as possible, I used sketch to be able to adjust elements in bulk on the fly. This sped up the design phase considerably, and allowed me to fine tune details without much rework.